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“I’m Tired! Tell me, How Am I Supposed to Get More Business From the Internet?”


Dear Business Owner,


Put the chair down—and back away from all things glass! Good. Now Let’s talk.


You’re right to be angry—having success on the Internet is difficult for lots of businesses.


And your request are simple enough:

You want new customers to FIND your business and less customers FINDING your COMPETITION down the street

You want new customers to SEE your genius design and décor…

EXPERIENCE your excellent service…

And KEEP coming back to YOU year after year.


Seems easy, right? But it’s not.


It hasn’t really been a cakewalk for you—in fact—it’s been utter rubbish. You walk into the office every day and it stinks in your mind like dog poo left unattended on the sidewalk and baking in the sun–you know YOU NEED TO FIX YOUR MARKETING.


But you haven’t. All the responsibilities of running a business are making you nauseous.


Your office is a zoo, with papers slopped all over your desk, reports to file, receipts to enter into your business expenses. AND IT KEEPS PILING UP! You have suppliers to tame and office workers to wrangle and dumb things to handle like getting the cable company to keep your Wi-Fi running FOR MORE THAN 3 SECONDS AT A TIME!


Does this sound like YOU?


“I don’t have much time to read anything. I am too busy deleting junk e-mails and trying to respond to the important e-mails. There are only so many quality minutes in the day for Internet time.”

- “J,” Real Small Business Owner with dropping business (Huffington Post)


Your busy- busy- busy…while it become more and more clear that no one new is discovering you.You may feel accomplished juggling all of these plates, but the ground is sinking beneath you.


ONE OF THE TOP REASONS SMALL BUSINESS FAIL: Poor marketing, according to Intuit and AllBusiness.


Meanwhile, less than half of CEOs worry about how poor marketing is killing their business.


The key word here is POOR because…




Many people have jumped on the bandwagon and gotten a website—even the local pizza shop has one. Yet they STILL fail because they lack a strategy. “If you Build It, They Will Come” only works in the movies.


There are over 1 Billion websites on the Internet and Counting…


What are the chances that happy targeted customers will find you by accident? Slim indeed.


Customers are the LIFE BLOOD of your business. Do you really want to leave that to chance?


People are depending on your success: your family, your spouse, your friends and not to mention… YOU!

So I have a SOLUTION for YOU!


With this letter, YOU are entitled to a FREE CONSULTATION with me for setting your business up for Internet Success with a content marketing strategy that will target YOUR KIND OF CUSTOMER and send them directly to you.


When people visit your website they will not be a random collection of bored window shopping onlookers but MOTIVATED BUYERS who need and want your product immediately. Real Qualified Leads.


How does it work?


A wise man once told me that anyone incapable of explaining things in a simple way is a fraud and has no clue about what they are sharing.


That said, this strategy is similar to what they do on a dairy farm…YES, I SAID DAIRY FARM…



At this first stage all we really want to do with your Twitter marketing is help you build a crazy following of folks that would be ideal for your product/service. We do this by offering information they’re dying for and covers topics related to your offering. And this is all backed up by…


MY 20/20 CHALLENGE: If you don’t SEE a 20% increase in Twitter followers by the end of 20 days of your campaign’s start, you can get a Full 100% Refund.




There a tons of “experts” out there claiming that people selling social media are selling Snake Oil because followers don’t always equal money. Well duh. Just because you can force everyone to come to the courthouse to contest their ticket, doesn’t make it a great place to sell hamburgers.

That is why we will slowly set apart those select people most interested in your service and lead them from your Twitter marketing campaign to your site.


WARNING: Now here’s where the analogy get awkward.



Now that you’ve targeted your best audience by seeing who follows the links to your site, you’re going to capture their information through a landing page. The exchange is simple: YOU give them something free and THEY give you info.


Don’t have anything? Select a Full Plan and I’ll create a Guide for you from scratch!


This process goes even deeper through a 6 step e-mail sales strategy where we slowly break down barriers they have to buying your product, until we get to…



Offer your product. Now that your prospects have been properly groomed you’ll find them ready and willing to do business.




Does this Process Seem Different? Good. That’s because it’s based on the reality of forming successful relationships with buyers. The whole process can take anywhere between 1 month to 1 and ½ months depending on your Twitter following and e-mail lists.


And that’s why you know I’m telling you the TRUTH. Think about it: If I wanted to scam you, I wouldn’t monitor your content flow and sales funnel over the next 30-45 days and provide you with a detailed weekly report of your Twitter Analytics with action steps to take.


If I were a slimeball, I would just sell you a pile of junk ads and then run away with your money in my pocket.




And while lots of “gurus” out there, will just twist a few knobs and feed your customers robotic Twitter spam….


I handcraft each campaign according to the intelligence I collect specific to You, Your business and Your Goals during our FREE CONSULTATION.


When we finally speak on the phone YOU and YOUR business will be have 100% of my focus.


You can feel free to sink into your favorite armchair and put up your tired feet as you explain your problems to someone who can help. The 30 minutes set aside for YOUR appointment are entirely YOUR 30 minutes.


Let me take on the bulk of work so that the most you’ll need to do is respond to e-mails over your first cup of rich morning coffee as you greet your many new customers filling up your inbox and social media profiles.


So Again, What are the benefits for you?


-A No-Stress Marketing Solution (Just Set It and Forget It)


-More People Visiting Your Site

-Increased Sales That Seem To Come From No Where

-More E-Mails From Motivated Buyers Filling Your Inbox

-Quick Traffic Results From Twitter

-More Invitations To Comment As An Expert In Your Field

-More Attention For Your Products and Services

- Higher Rankings On Google Search

- A Larger Business Network




Now as attractive as this offer is, my fellow consultants tell me that only 5-10% of people reading this letter will respond. Although that is O.K. for from a business standpoint since…




…I personally know how much other owners have benefited from these services; whether we chat over e-mail, speak on the phone or grab coffee together, they tell me that I’ve helped them increase their business.


Because of this, I hate the thought of someone not signing up for the FREE 20/20 TRIAL due to something I might have left out in this explanation. So I recently buckled down and worked my brain to think of the strongest reasons you might have for saying no to this free trial offer—and to see if I could answer them.


Here’s what I came up with:


What do your services cost?


My pleasure. At this point you may still be wondering if the internet is even the right strategy, so I’ve included some calculations to help you out.


Getting your business…

A Billboard costs $30,000 in annual management fees (source: Initiate Demand)

A National Television Ad costs $342,000 in production fees (source: the American Association of Advertising Agencies)

A Social Media Manager as an employee costs $104,250 on average (source: Salary.com)



On the other hand, I will:

-Set-up and Execute Your Entire Campaign Process: From Your First Tweet to Your First Sale for only $699 or 2 easy payments of $349.50


Plus There’s MY 20/20 CHALLENGE


How do I know your strategies will get me more traffic?


If you’ve been in the game of trying to get on top of Google for a few years, then you’ll know that its search calibrations are regularly changed in favor of quality. In times past, there were much more shady alternatives open to marketers for getting to the top of search rankings such as building spammy sites. This is no longer the case.


However, through each change and update solid and helpful content always rises to the top. Not to mention that your customers probably aren’t into spam. Content marketing is just another way of saying “we would rather help out people than spam and bully them”—People like it and Google loves it.


And honestly, just after signing up for your 20/20 FREE TRIAL CHALLENGE , I guarantee you’ll be able to check your analytics numbers—and see the BUMP for yourself.


How do I know you’re the best writer for the job?

Well, by now you’ve likely noticed that I do more than write. Ask yourself: Can your writer:

-Get readers to tweet your articles 324 times?

-Get 238 Comments off 1 post?

-Back up their writing with years of blogging/ professional journalistic experience?

-Write Headlines that Go Viral?

-Conduct Competitor Share Analysis?

-Craft e-mails that get the attention of bestselling authors? Media personalties? busy editors?

-Back up their standards with professional affiliations?

-Offer FREE Initial Consultations?

-Offer a Guaranteed 20% Twitter Follower Increase in 20 Days?


I have and I can do this for YOU.


But Again, I Can Only Accommodate 2 More Clients. Unfortunately, If I receive any requests for these profit-generating services after spots are filled, I will have to turn them down.

Email me jeanmarc@jsaintlaurent.com to set-up your FREE Consultation


Awaiting your increased web traffic and profits.




Signature 1


P.S.-Stop worrying about whether or not you’re bringing your business more customers! SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE TRIAL COMPLETE WITH THE 20/20 GUARANTEE TO START TURNING TRAFFIC INTO MONEY FOR YOUR BUSINESS. Don’t let your competition keep stealing the last of your best clients. Put me on the case and I GUARANTEE you will see your web traffic and follower numbers JUMP!




Email jeanmarc@jsaintlaurent.com for your FREE Consultation


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